RSP1A First Look

A first look at the new RSP1A from SDR Play

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SDRPlay RSP1A Overview and Listening Tests Video

RSP1A Overview and listening tests. Listening tests were conducted in real-time. Each radio was connected to the same antenna with a splitter. There is probably some amount of insertion loss,[…]

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SDRplay RSP1A First Look

Inroduction SDRplay’s RSP1 has long been a great value in an entry level SDR platform for radio hobbyist looking to get involved in Software Defined Radio. The RSP1 has also[…]

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New Software Support for SDRPlay RSP2

If you are the owner of the fantastic new RSP2, you now have a few more options as to what SDR software you can use it with. Besides the SDRUno[…]

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Latest Reviews

RSP2 First Look

A first look at the versatile RSP from SDRPlay

Icom 7300

A review of Icom’s IC-7300 SDR based 100W HF Transciever

Elad FDM-DUO SDR QRP Transciever

A review of the excellent  Elad FDM-Duo QRP SDR Transciever

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SDRPlay RSP1A Listening Test
SDRPlay RSP2 First Look
Rumlog NG Scope Demo with Icom 7300
Wireless Scope for Elad FDM-DUO
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