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Smart SDR for macOS

SmartSDR for Windows

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Apparently Hell has actually frozen over. We now have a full desktop client for Smart SDR for Apple macOS systems. It is pretty well known that Flex Radio has the best remote capabilities of any radio available today. This is an area that manufactures like Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood has not been able to match. Sure, there has been some feeble attempts to offer decent remote and control software for these radios, but they have typically fallen far short of Flex Radio offerings. However, owners of Macs have been left out of the fun for many many years. In the past Mac users were forced to use the workarounds such as virtual machine software like Parallels or Apple Bootcamp to run the Windows version of SmartSDR. This approach has worked pretty well in some cases, but in other cases it didn’t always achieve the best results depending on the machine configuration. Finally, we have a native SmartSDR client for Mac users which will allow SmartSDR to run more efficiently on …

WoodBoxRadio Fxpad for PowerSDR

WoodBoxRadio has just recently  released their Fxpad touchscreen software for PowerSDR. This is a program that allows you to use an off the shelf 7 inch usb touchscreen  as a very nice looking external controller for PowerSDR. Fxpad provides you with a gorgeous multi purpose meter as well as buttons for commonly used functions within PowerSDR. The idea behind Fxpad is to allow your main PC screen to display your logging software or PSK31 software, while displaying information from PowerSDR on separate touch screen. This as would provide quick touch screen control over your SDR radio. Fxpad also a has a set of macro buttons to allow you to define your own commands sent to PowerSDR. Fxpad uses CAT commands to send and receive data from PowerSDR. You will have to setup and define a CAT port for PowerSDR using VSPmanager or com0com. If you are already using CAT for PowerSDR to control PTT for another program, you will have to use something like VSPE to split the serial port. Fxpad is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with WoodBoxSoftwares Tmate tuning control in mind. Even though WoodBoxRadio states that the software needs the Tmate controller to function properly, …

Upgrading the PC inside the Flex 5000 C

This is an article submitted by Ken W9YNI on installing a upgrade PC motherboard inside his FLEX 5000 C


First I want to say there was nothing wrong with my Flex 5000 C. It worked just great, and I have never been more pleased with the Radio or with the Team at FlexRadio.

I just wanted to go to Windows 7 64 bit, stay up to date with the current OS and get some more head room for future Software. The computer in the 5000 C is a 2 Core Processor running Windows XP, and just adding more memory did not seem to be the answer. I started looking at Mother Boards and CPU’s and Disk Drives both Hard and Solid State. This sort of gets over whelming with all that is on the market. So I took a short cut and called NEAL CAMPBELL K3NC. Neal had also been working down the same line and after 20 or so Emails and a few Phone calls, I bit the bullet and ordered parts. Neal is a wealth of information and goes over backward to help. I can’t give him enough credit for all he does not just for this …

Flex 1500

I am sure that you have read all the great reviews for this little radio, but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth. This is one of the most FUN little QRP radios that I have had the pleasure of owning over the past years. The audio quality is extremely good and is a real pleasure to listen to. I have had a great deal of difficulty in the past enjoying HF radio while living in a high RF environment and restricted to a very crappy attic dipole. The Flex doesn’t seem to mind any of this.  With the various noise reduction tools and filters, it makes HF a real pleasure to use. The 5 watts output seems to be plenty for most applications. I have had no trouble getting heard around the world on WSPR. Overall, this is an excellent little radio for the money!…