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If you have an Apple Mac and an Icom IC-7300, you may want to take a look at DL2RUM’s Rumlog NG software. Aside from being a very nice logging software package it offers a resize-able spectrum / waterfall scope that can fill your entire PC screen if you wish. This is a nice improvement over Icom’s RSBA-1 software that limits the display of the spectrum / waterfall when connected to an Icom IC-7300 to a fairly small area. The scope drawing performance is pretty similar to RSBA-1 due to the rather slow serial communication rate of 115200 baud. To get this working, you must download and install the Scilab VCP driver on your Mac and under Rumlog’s preference use the following settings for TX1:

Rumlog Settings







On the Icom IC-7300 got to Menu/Set/Connectors/CI-V/CI-V USB Port/ and set Unlink from [Remote]. While there set the CI-V Baud Rate to 115200. On Rumlog’s IC7300 control screen you should see a Show Scope button. If everything is working ok, you should have a the IC-7300 scope shown on your Mac’s screen. ┬áThere are several tweaks you can experiment with relating to the scope on the scope screen itself as well as the Icom 7300 control panel screen.

Rumlog is doantion ware, so if you like it send DL2RUM a little love!

Here is a quick little video of Rumlog scope feature when used with the Icom 7300:

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