Flex Radio 6400M Quicklook Video

A Look at the New Flex Radio System 6400M SDR Transceiver

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Flex Radio 6400M Video Quicklook

In the spring of 2017 Flex Radio announced an upgraded version of their 6000 line of SDR based transceivers. These models were labeled the 6400,6600,6400M, and the 6600M. In a[…]

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SDRPlay RSP1A Overview and Listening Tests Video

RSP1A Overview and listening tests. Listening tests were conducted in real-time. Each radio was connected to the same antenna with a splitter. There is probably some amount of insertion loss,[…]

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SDRplay RSP1A First Look

Inroduction SDRplay’s RSP1 has long been a great value in an entry level SDR platform for radio hobbyist looking to get involved in Software Defined Radio. The RSP1 has also[…]

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Latest Reviews

RSP2 First Look

A first look at the versatile RSP from SDRPlay

Icom 7300

A review of Icom’s IC-7300 SDR based 100W HF Transciever

Elad FDM-DUO SDR QRP Transciever

A review of the excellent  Elad FDM-Duo QRP SDR Transciever

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SDRPlay RSP1A Listening Test
SDRPlay RSP2 First Look
Flex 6400M Quicklook Video
Wireless Scope for Elad FDM-DUO
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