Network Radio - Is it "Real Ham Radio" ?

A Look at the Network Radio Phemomenon

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Pulsat PM-1100 Network Radio Review

Having found the X Boss TM-7S a great deal of fun, we took a look at a mobile / base version of a Network Radio the Pulsat PM-1100. The Pulsat[…]

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X Boss 7S+ Network Radio YouTube Review

  We tried out the X Boss 7S+ Network Radio HT, check out the video!

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Network Radio – Is it real Ham Radio?

Introduction Network Radio began gaining some interest as an amateur radio format about a year ago. During the past year Network Radio has gained popularity with Amateur Radio operator as[…]

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Latest Reviews

RSPduo Review

SDRplay’s new dual tuner SDR

Icom 7300

A review of Icom’s IC-7300 SDR based 100W HF Transciever

Elad FDM-DUO SDR QRP Transciever

A review of the excellent  Elad FDM-Duo QRP SDR Transciever

Hamradio Science YouTube Channel

SDRPlay RSP1A Listening Test
SDRPlay RSP2 First Look
Flex 6400M Quicklook Video
Wireless Scope for Elad FDM-DUO
SDRPlay RSPduo Overview
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