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  1. I just recently purchased a Flex 6600 and saw your YouTube on recommended controllers. I am a Windows 11 user, and find that SmartSDR is cumbersome with just a mouse and clicking on the small pop-up menus provided, thus my HIGH interest in the two controllers you reviewed and recommended. I will order the FlexControl USB Tuning Knob and happy to see it provides significant improvement for the Human to Computer control of the Flex. I also was greatly impressed with your enthusiastic explanation for the Elgato Stream Deck. I DID click on your affiliate link to order from Amazon, but that raises my Question: Your link only pulls up the Original Stream Deck. However, Amazon is now showing a Stream Deck Mk 2 for about $50 more (and you dont get affiliate credit on this one). Also there is a Stream Deck + available as well. Just wondering if you have any recommendations on the advantages of the Mk 2 or the +, vs. the original? Gratefull for your wonderfull video and experienced insight for the use of these two devices for the Flex. 73, George Yundt, W9GJY

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