If you are the owner of the fantastic new RSP2, you now have a few more options as to what SDR software you can use it with. Besides the SDRUno software that was developed for direct support of the SDRPlay RSP series, SDR Console Version 3 developed by Simon Brown will now support the RSP2. SDR. SDR Console is very nice SDR program with a clean user interface and loaded with features. Also HDSDR now supports the RSP2. HDSDR has been around a long time and offers a simpler approach to using SDR radios. The user interface is very straightforward and friendly to beginners as well as experienced users who appreciate a fast and easy interface to a SDR radio. If you download the HDSDR software from SDRPlay’s website, it comes with the EXTIO files you need in the installer. So it’s pretty much plug and play. With a great choice of SDR packages the SDRPlay RSP series of SDR radios continue to be one of the most flexible SDR radios available today. Not to mention a great value.

12 thoughts on “New Software Support for SDRPlay RSP2”
  1. Note that Simon Brown has updated his Version 2.3 of SDR Console to also support the RSP2. While Version 3.0 preview matures, there are times I prefer to use V2.3. That is now possible.

  2. One advantage of verion 2.3 is the network server/remote client which has not made it to version 3.0 at this point.
    The 2.3 server works great with the RSP2, its a great little radio!

    1. I use SDRuno, SDR Console, both v2.3 and 3.0 Preview and HDSDR, so yes, the RSP line can be used with more than just SDRuno. All my listening with both the RSP1 and RSP2 is HF.

  3. This Stuff is confusing too me… I have the RSP2Pro… Uno works just fine… I asked if other software that is “finished” completed no Bata for Windows 10, someone said Explore… but need to know if that is Bata, went to that Site, got stuff about SDR Radio? and sending money… Can someone just tell me there is completed working software other then Uno which works just fine, with out all the ifs and buts..

      1. Note that SDR Console has a lot of features that I do not use. I’m into HF listening, so I’m limiting the scope of my answer to that. Right off the top, about the only thing SDR Console V2.3 has over SDRuno is the ability to make a true audio recording with the click of one button. HDSDR might be another non-beta for you to check out. I have both on my SDR desktop and use them both … alone with SDRuno and SDR Console V3.0 Preview.

  4. Thank you for your patiance, ok, I use Uno , I like it as to look for DX signals all over the band and see the whole band at once. You described Console and the main good feature is recording. Then you mentioned HDSDR radio, is that another software package and what is the main feature of that software, How do you like that? Once again I am new, and need some help with all this new software, I am a Apple person and struggle with Windiws 10. Thank you.

    1. Frank, what I like about the various choices In software it that eventually you will find one that works best FOR YOU. There is no one size fits all as each has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, I will continue to use all of the 4 I’ve mentioned. As for Win10, it is probably the best version to date. But, I’m a Linux user for the last 12 years or so. If I could find a comparable SDR software selection for Linux, I would not be using Windows.

    2. I have a new question..

      What Program can I load into my RSP2 Pro … to listen and decipher PSK and CW and RTTY signals.???

      1. I would probably start with fldigi. If you want to use it while listening, you will also need some type of virtual audio cable. It will also decode using an audio .wav file. I’ve never used fldigi with anything other than msfk32.

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