In listening tests between the RSP1A and the RSP2 results were a little less clear. Even though the two receivers have different specifications the receive performance of the RSP1A and RSP2 were pretty close. By lowering the default RF Gain Reduction on the RSP1A’s control panel the RSP1A easily matched the performance of the RSP2. Of the course RSP2 for the price has some additional features like the 3 software switchable antenna ports that may be of great use to some users. On the other hand, the less expensive RSP1A has a more powerful 14bit ADC vs the 12bit ADC found in the RSP2. However, both radios are excellent choices for an entry level SDR radio.

SDRPlay does a great job of listening to it’s user community and it shows in their products. The RSP1A is a great example of that. The more powerful ADC, Broadcast Band Filtering, TXCO, and Bias-T support has the RSP1A knocking on the door of far more expensive SDR receivers. If you are looking for a very inexpensive general coverage SDR receiver with excellent performance, look no further than the SDRPlay RSP1A!

Pricing – $99.93
Availability – 11/15/2017

Additional Specifications

Feature comparison between RSP1 and RSP1A





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