The mcHF QRP Transceiver Project

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The mcHF QRP Transceiver Project

When it comes to a low cost SDR QRP Transceiver W0MKA has the right idea. The mcHF QRP transceiver is a project that W0MKA has been working on for awhile and we are starting to see more of a finished product begin to emerge. W0MKA’s project is pretty much a DIY endeavor at this time. Can you buy it? Kinda sorta. W0MKA makes limited quantities of the unpopulated boards available from time to time as well as the display. This is a project that we would certainly like to see become available as a complete kit in the future or even better a preassembled model. So head over to W0MKA’s website and give him a little encouragement!

8 Responses

  1. Tim Bucknall says:

    it looks amazing!

  2. Mermet JP says:

    Boujour, je serrais interesé pour monter un tel KIT.
    Cordialement 73.

  3. N7PXY says:

    I would love to see schematics and PCB boards available. Or at least the PCB artwork. And perhaps a BOM.
    seriously looking at this project.
    Tnx, PJH, N7PXY

  4. Sandor says:

    Hi, I am licenced ham radio operator from Hungary. I am iterested in when it is due to sell the full assemled mcHF QRP transceiver? Predictable price? Congratulations for the project! Thanks for information ahead! Regards and 73/fb dx! Sandor

  5. Aare says:

    I lloking for it, but no find – where you buy it. It is a fantastic what I see.

  6. ARTHUR Ripple says:
    ART NS7E

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