Looking for a place to put your Ham It Up Converter? NewElec is now selling a very nice aluminum extruded case to fit the Ham It Up HF converter. As was discussed in an earlier article on HRS, a RTL2832U Dongle and the Ham It Up converter make a killer combo for a VHF,UHF, and HF SDR receiver with a very respectable bandwidth for less than $100. The new enclosures from NooElec will give you a good looking home for your Ham It Up converter and are available in blue or silver. The blue case uses laser etched labeling while the silver case uses silk screen labeling. The blue case looks very nice, but the silver case’s labeling stands out a little better. However, you can’t go wrong with either color. The cases also provide additional RF shielding for your Ham It Up converter. The case kit comes with the aluminum case with a cut out for the USB port, two pre-cut aluminum end pieces with cut outs for the by-pass switch and rf jacks, and a pack of small screws with two standoffs. The enclosures looks terrific and provides additional protection for your Ham It HF Converter.

5 thoughts on “NooElec Aluminum Extruded Case for the Ham It Up HF Converter”
  1. I was disappointed in one aspect of the extruded aluminum case.
    The USB port, is in the corner, and the end (cover) plate screw is to long in that location. The screw bottoms out against the corner of USB jack, before tightening up againts the end cover.
    I managed to shorten the length of one screw, but even with considerable experience is cutting down small screws, it is difficult with those very fine pitch threads on the very small screws.
    Rod J

  2. Thank you! Very straightforward, and exactly as I expected. Just wanted to be sure I was installing the board properly, and couldn’t find instruction anywhere. This was a big help, and much appreciated!

    I will note, the silver enclosure does not house the new v1.3 board correctly. Or mine doesn’t, anyway. I believe this is due to NooElec replacing the old straight RF port with a new right-angled one. The end cap for that side doesn’t completely make contact with the enclosure, as the nut on the RF port sticks out just a bit. There’s just a tiny gap, and the screws seated pretty well, so not a huge concern, but wanted to point that out!

    1. 2017 – Installation addition

      For both the RF (input) and IF (output) connectors there is a nut and lockwasher that should go on the outside of the end panels, so unscrew the nut and lockwasher and remove, mount end plates, then add the lockwasher and nut. Also suggest finger tighten standoffs and screws to get everything aligned before tightening down.

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