The latest version of Ham Radio Deluxe as added CAT support for the DX-SR9 as well as the DX-SR8. This will allow HRD to control such things as tuning, transmit, power settings, mode, and other supported features of the Alinco radios. The Alinco transceivers have a much smaller command set available for computer control, but  HRD appears to pretty much support all of them. If you are not familiar with Ham Radio Deluxe, the software covers a wide range of applications from logging and transceiver control to digital operations. HRD can be pretty much a complete software solution for the needs of a the amateur radio operator.

7 thoughts on “Ham Radio Deluxe Now Supports Alinco DX-SR9”
  1. During my first tests I found some issues in the HRD main window:

    1. At startup the controls for MODE, AGC, VFO A/B,… are not updated.
    2. Switching VFO A/B works, but the buttons are still not updated.
    3. Switching TX POWER (High, Low, S-Low) works, but the button/dropdown remains on “High”.
    4. Tuning below 10 MHz is not possible (HRD display works but the radio does not follow)
    5. PTT does not switch to TX but switches off RX

    RF Gain (Preamp/Attenuator) would also be nice to have.

    But yes, nice that HRD supports SR9 now.

    73, DL8YJ

    1. Thanks for the additional information! I just did a quick check on the demo version, so I missed those details. Hopefully the authors will get it fixed shortly.

      Thanks again!

  2. what interface or modem is best to use to connect Alinco DX-SR8 with the computer or that has been proven through you?

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