The HRS unboxing of Apache Lab’s new Anan 10E video is up. Stay tuned for a “First Look” article and video over the next few days. So far the Anan 10E has been pretty impressive. It looks like it will be a game changer for SDR Transceivers in the sub $1000 range. Keep checking back

2 thoughts on “Anan 10E Unboxing Video Up”
  1. I just received the 10E also. Very impressive rig that compares very favorably with my other high end SDR. I won’t mention names to keep the forum civil. As a matter of fact except for lower power output it excels in just about every other way. I feed it into a small amplifier and external tuner for QRO use. The dual panadapter windows are almost to wide for general use and I turn them back to 196K to make the display a little less busy. I’m very impressed and can see it taking the role of main radio in the shack very shortly.

    1. I’m sorry I meant the dual RX 384K Windows are almost to wide and I dial them back to 196K for normal use.

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