Some good news for you that have been interested in the generally highly regarded Anan series of SDR transceivers. First off, the Anan SDRs can be currently purchased from two us dealers, Gigaparts and Cheapham. The warranty on these radios are for 2 years against manufacturing defects with a US service center in Arkansas. Also earlier in the year Anan started shipping the Anan 10E. The Anan 10E is basically and entry level version of the Anan 10. The Anan 10E is pretty much the same radio as the Anan 10 with a few compromises to cut the cost to a more attractive price point for some radio hobbyists. Here is what you loose over the Anan 10 :

Differences between the ANAN-10 & the ANAN-10E
1. The ANAN-10E uses a 14 bit ADC while the ANAN-10 uses a 16 bit ADC
2. The ANAN-10E uses an EP3C25 FPGA while the ANAN-10 uses a larger EP3C40
3. The ANAN-10E supports 2 receivers while the ANAN-10 supports 7 receivers

3 thoughts on “Anan SDR Radios Now Available from US Dealers and a New Entry Level ANAN SDR”
  1. I have had one that I bought from Gigaparts running on the bench for the past few days. It is a far better RX than any of the legacy radios in the shack and is even better than the Funcube Pro + (which already beats the legacy radios I have tested it against). The NR and NB on Powersdr make 6m and 2m (via a transverter) possible. N4EME, the EME Rovers, will be using this as one of the 4 2m RX this month in NC and will also be trying it on 10 GHz EME too. This should give it a fair test for our VHF and Microwave needs.

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