Month: April 2011

Amateur Radio Projects and Software Defined Radio

3D Connexion Devices Revisited

You know we are fond here at Ham Radio Science of the 3D Connexion controllers for controlling PowerSDR and other Amateur Radio software. The first article covered using the 3D Connexion Space Pilot to control the tuning function in PowerSDR. A small hack was discussed that would allow you to map the devices buttons to other functions of PowerSDR. Main tuning is accomplished by manipulating the knob on the 3D Connexion device. However, this only works because the developers of PowerSDR included a plugin that talks to the 3D connection device. As a matter of fact, any program that can use the 3D Connexion device has to have this plugin built in. Unfortunately, this makes the device only usable with very few programs. In the previous article, we could get the 3D Connexion device buttons to trigger keyboard commands in other programs, but the knob was useless in all other Amateur Radio Software but PowerSDR.…

Upgrading the PC inside the Flex 5000 C

This is an article submitted by Ken W9YNI on installing a upgrade PC motherboard inside his FLEX 5000 C


First I want to say there was nothing wrong with my Flex 5000 C. It worked just great, and I have never been more pleased with the Radio or with the Team at FlexRadio.

I just wanted to go to Windows 7 64 bit, stay up to date with the current OS and get some more head room for future Software. The computer in the 5000 C is a 2 Core Processor running Windows XP, and just adding more memory did not seem to be the answer. I started looking at Mother Boards and CPU’s and Disk Drives both Hard and Solid State. This sort of gets over whelming with all that is on the market. So I took a short cut and called NEAL CAMPBELL K3NC. Neal had also been working down the same line and after 20 or so Emails and a few Phone calls, I bit the bullet and ordered parts. Neal is a wealth of information and goes over backward to help. I can’t give him enough credit for all he does not just for this …

More Ham Shack Case Alternatives

A lot of you liked the idea of having a custom computer case for dressing up your ham shack. These cases give you PC the appearance of a high end piece of Amateur Radio gear. It is a easy project to do if you are familiar with building your own pc. If you aren’t give it a try, it is fun and quite rewarding. It is actually easier to do than you might think. The Zalman HD-160XT was a heck of a deal, but they can not be had right know for the super close out price they were going for. I suggested some alternatives that were far more expensive. I thought I would suggest some cases that were close to the Zalman HD-160XT in price or less. The best deal right now for a case with a color LCD screen is the SilverStone GD02S-MT. This case has a 4.3 inch color touch screen, aluminum construction, remote, and comes in silver or black. The remote is controlled with the included Imon software and remote. The good news is that the GD02S-MT in silver sells for slightly less than the Zalman HD-160XT on sale. The black model goes for slightly more. …

SDRPC demo video is now up

Here is a short demo video of the SDRPC in action running PowerSDR. However, it can be used for other Amateur software applications. Unfortunately this particular case has sold out almost immediately after the first article was written. I did list some good alternatives to the original case the Zalman HD-160XT with the built in screen. Unfortunately they are a good bit more expensive.

Zalman HD-160XT Sold Out

It appears due to the popularity of this article  in-part or in-full has caused the Zalman HD-160XT to be sold out from Newegg. As I mentioned, I doubt they will come back due to it being a close out item. You can certainly find some around on the web, but not at the close out price Newegg was offering. If you want to build something like this the next best deal is the Thermaltake  DH102 VH2001BNS. Probably a slightly better looking case and offers the same functionality of the Zalman HD-160XT. The only thing I can’t tell you is if you can remap the volume control for tuning purposes. If someone decides to try it drop me an email or comment on how it worked out for you. Now the bad news. You are going to have to pay a bit more than the Zalman HD-160 XT sale price. Another possible alternative is the Moneual LAB Black Aluminum MonCaso 932B ATX Media Center / HTPC Case. This one is similar to the Thermaltake case, but you have a choice of silver or black. I suggest you browse over to Newegg and decide for yourself.…