Simon, creator of the very popular has recently released a newly designed version 2.0 of The software has pretty much redesigned from the ground up. The big news for RTL2832U SDR users, is that Simon has added support for these devices via TCP. So, if you would like to try a different SDR software package with your RLT2832U dongle, take a look at the 2.0 version of The software offers some very nice features like a frequency manager, sharing your SDR over a network, and a nice user interface. Right now the software can be downloaded as a technology preview from the preview at 2.0. Simon is gradually adding new features and fixing bugs right now with since it is mostly beta at this time. With that being said, the software seemed to work pretty well using the RTL2832U DBT stick as a software defined radio. Right now, the setup is a little different than you might be used to since uses TCP to communicate with the RTL2832U stick. Here is a brief overview of what you need to do to get working with a RTL2832U stick.

  1. Download the technology preview of
  2. Download and install the latest Zadig USB drivers for you RTL2832U stick.
  3. Download and extract the files to your desktop. Within the rtl-sdr-rlease folder, you will see two subfolders x32 and x64. Open the folder that matches your Windows version you are using ,Win32 or Win64 bit. You will see a file named rtl_tcp.exe, that is the file you are going to need to run under a Command Prompt Window.
  4. Open a Command Prompt (DOS Window) and use CD to navigate to the rtl-sdr-release/x32 (or x64 depending on your OS) folder. For example depending on your machine it might be something like cd Desktop/rtl-sdr-release/x32 and then type rtl_tcp at the prompt. If you have installed the Zadig drivers correctly, you should see the TCP server startup.
  5. With the TCP server running, you will need to start
  6. With running you will need to select the Radio menu and add a new radio.
  7. Be sure to pick RTL TCP as the radio type, you can then Add a new radio. If you use the Search feature should see your running instance of the rtl_tcp server. Be sure to tell what type of chipset you are using, by selecting the appropriate button listed in the form. This will setup the proper gain table for use in Gain setting menu.
  8. You now should be able to Start your RTL2832U. The audio may stutter a couple of seconds until the TCP stream settles down.
  9. You may want to click the button that allows you set the PPM settings to calibrate the tuning frequency to be more accurate with your particular RTL2832U device.

Again V2.0 of is still in preview form, you can submit bug / issue reports to the Yahoo Group. Give a try with your RTL2832U dongle and see how you like it. Be sure to check out the setup and demo video below! Setup and Demo Video

30 thoughts on “ V2.0 Now Supports RTL2832U SDR”
  1. I’ve been trying it with an RTL2832 for a few days & it great. Ok its takes a while to get used to but it works & is very sensitive. Its good now so when it’s de-bugged it should be even better.

  2. The preview link no longer works. I downloaded 2.0 Build 1361 (Beta 1 64-Bit) and RTL is not a radio options.

    1. Like Zach I downloaded the 1361 build to replace the previosu version on which the license expired. Updated all the drivers as per aa5sh website and popped them into the indicated folders. Whilst the edintion ProElectric appears and identified the dongle – the frequency span option is blank and the start button is greyed out. When I loaded the earlier it worked straightway.

      What have I missed. Windows 7 64bit system.

  3. I Have been using SDR V2 now for some time and i find it to be very good. Iuse it on weather sats and ship weather maps and I do not need to use a TX/RX I have it stand alone on a 2.8 2core computer with the Dongle..
    Going to be a very nice and handy program ..Well done to all
    Brian M0COG

    1. You need to download .
      Place the files into Program Fles/ Folder.. You should not have any more truble.Don`t
      forget to use Zadig to install drivers ..
      Hope this helps Brian

      1. thank you for your replay. but i was not asking for rtl_usb. I was asking for rtl_tcp. My Reciving rig is on another place and only connected over network. So i need RTL_TCP!! But i couldnt find any way to use it with the sdr-radio software.
        please help

        thanks and greetings


  4. Hello Everyone
    I am still using SDR Console V2. Have it on Both my Computers gt;gt; AsRock 3.2 6Core . Using V2 for allsorts of decoding .Weather Psk32 Morse sips and aircraft.. I can`t find any faults in it atall .
    Waiting to see the next version Hope it has the decoder with it ,It will be the best I Think ..
    Brian M0COG

  5. HI all
    Still using SDR V2 .Upgraded to windows 8.1 and the program is working well..Doing all decoding with sdr v2
    The Satellite program is great, have it working with Voice . Using Asrock 3.5 Gb 6Core ,with 4Monitors 23inch.Have it running 24Hrs ..Had no problems with SDR V2 so far ??..
    Thanks all for great program. Looking forword to next update . Brian M0COG

  6. HI all around !
    I’m a newcomer and found that SDR Console V2 is a nice soft (TKS to Simon !). As receiver I was using a cheap RTL dongle as well a FunCube Pro+. When started to use the Console I was able to run both but with the latest beta versions (I’m waiting for a final release in order to use it on a regular basis) found that I can’t use the RTL dongle because I can’t select it on the RADIO DEFINITIONS window. It’s sure I’m doing something bad but I’m unable to get it running anymore so all advices are welcomed. Thank you very much in advance. Txema EA2AFR

  7. Hi all!

    I have been using v1.5 and connecting to the radios on the web. Hooked and I’ve just ordered the SDR dongle, and upconverter from NooElec today. I have installed Ver. 2.0. But I am not seeing the ‘Browse Web’ when I try to connect to a remote SDR. Appreciate any help.

  8. Very Nice bit news about SDR V2 Being updated .
    I can now go back to it .If I have to pay for it I will .
    Brian M0COG well done and thanl you for the Info ..

  9. First class program Simon
    downloaded and run no problem with the tv dongle
    running on windows vista and xp
    would like to have a squelch for narrow fm for marine channels
    mxp y3

  10. hello all
    I have downloaded SDR V2 Latest ,What a program Its the best .
    I. Am using it with ship plotter and plane plotter. Doing HF FAX and weathersats .Wxtoimg
    Have not had any faults yet . Its a must have for any one Interested in radio.
    Great program well done Simon ..
    Brian M0COGh

  11. hello all
    I have downloaded SDR V2 Latest ,What a program Its the best .
    I. Am using it with ship plotter and plane plotter. Doing HF FAX and weathersats .Wxtoimg
    Have not had any faults yet . Its a must have for any one Interested in radio.
    Great program well done Simon ..
    Brian M0COG

  12. I just downloaded V2 of the SDR software but cannot get the USB Dong (R8207) to work with it. I ran the ZAdiag but still cannot see the option for USB in definitions. We are setting up a few APT Satellite computer stations for Search And Rescue and any help is appreciated…

  13. I have Finished Using HRD now . Iam Using SDR v2 For all my Radio Work . Had no truble with it and have 3 upconverter now one on each of my computers.. I cannot find anything wrong with it …

  14. Hello All
    I went to download the new version of V2 But all I got was dropbox.. So not going to bother aboutb V2 any more .I will use sdrsharp instead ..
    Bye Brian

  15. Having trouble getting SDR-Console to work with Ham Radio Deluxe. I saw videos that showed using Omni Rig then VSPE to create a splitter so that the two applications could work together. Very confusing. In HDSDR there is a pull down menu that allows you to used Ham Radio Deluxe. Will there be a menu like the one in HDSDR for SDR-Console. I hope so. I want to use SDR-Console as a pan adapter. My rig is a Yaesu FTdx 3000 and my SDR receiver is a SDRPlay. It works quite nicely but would like to use SDR-Console with HRD. Need some advice.

  16. I am a bit confused about the S-meter. It never showed a value higher than -42 dBm with or without RF Gain.
    I tested the soft with different RF power beetwen 100mW and 25W on different bands and on different distances.

    Might be a setting or a problem with the RTL2832U/hardware ?

    I’ll appreciate some help.


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