Month: July 2012

Amateur Radio Projects and Software Defined Radio

Differences in Sensitivity RTL2832U / E4000 Dongles

Are all RTL2832U / E4000 DVB-T dongles sensitivity about the same when being used for SDR radio use? If you read the previous post on this site about using the RTL2832U / E4000 as a SDR receiver, I was less than thrilled about the sensitivity of the generic white DVB-T stick I purchased. After reading some glowing comments on how well some of the dongles worked, I started to wonder if some DVB-T sticks performed better than others. Unfortunately, this area is so new, there is not a lot of info out there about performance differences between the various RTL2832u / E4000 sticks. Maybe eventually some of this information will gradually become available as more people experiment with this device. What info I could find based on user comments made me think that the answer to the above question was basically yes.…

Simple Instructions to Setup Your RTL2832U / E4000 Dongle for SDR Use

Even though the instructions below for installing a RTL2832U stick are valid. You might want to try the instructions provided in this article first. This method is simpler and seems to provide better performance. If they don’t work out for you, then try the method below.

How to get a RTL2832U Stick running with HDSDR under windows.…