One of our readers gave me a heads up (Thanks Mark!) that version 2.60 firmware update is now out for the Alinco DJ-X11 is now out. As far as what it does is pretty cryptic. The descriptions says “Three minor bugs fixed. (Squelch level changes after Flash-tune, Programmed-scanning / band-transition parameter relation and a small inconvenience in display)” Maybe someone will know what those issues were. I tried to update my DJ-X11 and had very little success. The problem is that when I start the firmware update program, I get an error message that says something to the effect that MSCOMCTL.OCX is not registered. This is very similar to the problem that we ran into with the control software problem that was mentioned in an earlier article here. Apparently, Alincos software must be developed on a Windows 98 platform.  If you are running anything newer  than 98, you may very well run into this issue. If anyone has any luck with it, let us know!

The firmware can be found at Alincos Website.

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