Month: September 2011

Amateur Radio Projects and Software Defined Radio

Fixing Alincos’ DJ-X11 Cloning and Remote Control Software MSCOMM32.OCX Error

If you own an Alinco DJ-X11 and have downloaded the provided cloning software or remote software you  may have noticed that you may get a  “run time error 339, Component MSCOMM32.OCX or one of it’s dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or corrupt” error. This is more likely to happen if you run the programs under Vista or Windows  7.

The problem is that it looks like that the Alinco remote control program and the cloning utility was written in Visual Basic. The runtime that programs that were distributed do not install the MSCOMM32.OCX component needed for serial communications. MSCOMM32.OCX is no longer distributed with later versions of windows. You will need to Google MSCOMM32.OCX and find a place to download it. Once you have the file you will need to do the following:…

GRE 410 Desktop / Mobile Scanner Mini Review


If you are not yet in an area where APCO 25 has taken over, or looking for a good desktop analog trunking scanner for your Ham shack, look no further the GRE 410 offers a lot of radio for a little money. The GRE 410 desktop scanner can be found online for around $160, making it an excellent value for an analog trunk tracking scanner.…